K-Link Liquid Chlorophyll is extracted from the plant alfafa, known for its highly valued nutrients. Alfafa in Arabic, means “ father of food” because of its powerful healing properties. Its roots grow deep into the soil take in minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium etc.

1 table spoon = 1 kg of vegetable consumption.
Alfafa contains 4 times the chlorophyll of other vegetables. One table spoon of K-Link Liquid Chlorophyll is equivalent to 1 kg of vegetable consumption. It is a natural source of nutrients that is vital in stimulating good health.

Chlorophyll is effective in reducing toxin caused by pesticides and drug residue by purging them from the body.

Chlorophyll can help in controlling skin problems and internal infection. The American Journal of Surgery published findings by Temple University on the use of chlorophyll to treat surgical wounds and other similar conditions.

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