K-BioGreen does not contain any artificial flavours, colouring, antibiotic residues, growth promoters and preservatives.The product is certified by OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Assiciation) in USA. Every ingredient is grown by certified organic farmers which is inspected to ensure that requirements and restrictions are met.

Combined with the right diet you will achieve good health, balanced body weight, vitality and a fresh mind!

1 spoon (attached) is mixed in water.Can be taken 1-3 times a day, comparing to your needs.

You can mix the powder with fruit juice for better taste. The product contains a lot of soluble plant fibres.

Adults: 1 Measure spoon (10g) in 2,5-3dl luke warm water. (one big glass)

Children: ½ measure spoon ( 5g) in 2,5-3dl luke warm water (one big glass).

Drink it immediately after mixing. The easiest way is to mix it in a closed bottle. Shake well!

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